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You may still download the free Pooch Patrol App on Android or iOS.

Fitness. When stripped of the clever marketing, fad diets and hocus pocus, everything becomes rather simple. And deep down we’ve known it all along.

The key to fitness is to eat well and exercise often.

But saying it is one thing, doing it is another. It’s why we make the same resolution, year after year. It’s harder to keep up these habits when the initial motivation wears off. Hey, we’re human.

To make things worse, enter the Pooch: that annoying bit of belly fat that will stop at nothing to get you sitting on the couch, eating junk food. It doesn’t care about your goals or healthy lifestyles. As far as it’s concerned, things are fantastic just the way they are.

The Pooch Patrol Fitness Accountability Challenge will help you follow through with your intentions, with an incentive and supportive community to support your actions. Our goal is to show the Pooch who’s boss, by making regular exercise a habit, encouraging healthy eating and enjoying the process. We’re willing to bet this type of lifestyle is achievable. Are you? Here’s how it works:

Set a Goal

First, you’ll set your own fitness goal for the 10 week Season, and back yourself with a wager.

Achieve It

Report your completed exercise daily, support others and discover new ways to get active.

Win / Win

Reach your goal over 10 weeks to reclaim your wager, otherwise it’s donated to charity!
Devinia (Melbourne, Australia)
What a great initiative! My partner and I thought it would be a good idea to sign up together so we could support one another and track each other’s progress. I am so glad we joined! The program encouraged me to push myself that little bit further and become that little bit stronger and fitter. I explored different exercise options based on fellow Patroller activity and loved being part of a community that supported and encouraged me.

It’s gamified fitness, and the kick in the pants you need to turn regular exercise and conscious eating into a daily habit. So back yourself. Because the Pooch Patrol has yours. Welcome to your Virtual Wolfpack.


Use your own equipment, fitness program, gym membership, or
simply complete 30 minutes of running, jogging, walking, swimming,
riding, skateboarding, sport, training, whatever – it all counts!

Pooch Patrol works alongside any other program, workout or app.
It doesn’t matter what you do, we’ll just make sure you do it.

No two days ever have to be the same.
Anytime of the day. Anywhere in the world.


Pooch Patrol has a brand spanking new Phone App available on
Android and iOS, but it can also be accessed in any desktop browser.

Log your exercise with ease, upload
photos and discover healthy recipes
from around the web.


Join the amazing community of like minded, proactive people all
trying to achieve their own goals. Encourage each other, share tips,
and pick up a few new ideas for yourself!

Recieve invitations to Virtual Patrols, where everyone is
encouraged to complete their Patrol at the same time, virtually,
no matter where you are in the world.


After 15 Seasons, 160 Patrollers have
committed to over 8,480 Patrols (exercise sessions)
and donated $2,070 to various charities.

Pooch Patrol isn’t a fad diet or fitness plan. It’s much better.
It’s like a gym membership that holds you to your word, giving
you money back if you actually go, or to charity instead if you don’t!

Consider it a Life Add-On. It’s not Insurance. It’s Make-sure-ance.

Courtney (Perth, Australia)

“I work pretty long hours in a fairly stressful job and I have a terrible habit of regularly using this as an excuse not to exercise. Pooch Patrol got me off my butt and doing something, even at times when I felt like I’d rather eat my own foot than do any exercise.  Every single time, I was glad that I did it. And doing it with a bunch of other people makes it feel like you have your own personal cheer squad!” 

Stephanie (Perth, Australia)

“After Season 3, I now gauge my life as PPP (Pre-Pooch Patrol) and PPP (Post-Pooch Patrol)…wait, they have the same acronyms. But seriously, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have completed 50% of the exercise that I did this season if I wasn’t signed up for Pooch Patrol. Pooch Patrol made me exercise even when I really didn’t feel like it, and it made me realise how much better I feel on the days I’ve exercised! By the end of the season, I actually started enjoying most of my patrols…and I could jog further than I could at the start!”

Let’s Get Down to the Brass Tacks

  If you meet or exceed your goal, you get your wager back.
Total Cost:  $9  [ 13 cents a day ]

  If you don’t meet your goal, your wager goes to charity.
Total Cost:  $79  [ Wager is tax-deductible! ]

Download the Pooch Patrol App on Android or iOS.

More Nice Words From Other Real Human Beings

“I suck at testimonials haha but I do really like the concept :)” – Paige (Perth, Australia)

“Pooch Patrol was a nice way to keep myself accountable, especially on days when I just wanted to stay in bed and not move … I can definitely say the program has helped me a lot!” – Mikel (San Francisco, USA)

“A great way to keep fit and active individually amongst an online group. A fresh look at getting out there and exercising.” – Craig (Perth, Australia)

“Would sign up again! I lost weight and most importantly feel fitter and happier!” – Ana (Perth, Australia)

“Some days the only reason I get myself up and exercise is just so that I can complete my Patrol. Plus it’s nice to be a part of such a supportive community all aiming for the same goal.” – Kate (Perth, Australia)

“Just the motivation I needed to keep moving. But people may think I am biased.” – Mum (Perth, Australia)

“I am a real person and I do Pooch Patrol. I am not a robot. Beep boop.” – Bec (Perth, Australia)

Not Ready to be Accountable Yet?

I get it. Commitments are tough. You can always join our free community and reap the benefits of surrounding yourself with the right kind of people.

But let’s face the facts. If you’ve read this far, there’s a part of you that wants to bite the bullet. There is literally no better time than now to signup to Pooch Patrol and cash in on those good intentions. Olé!