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Have You Met Norm?

Have You Met Norm?

Have you met Norm? He’s me. He’s you. He’s also a she, if you’re a she. He is every single one of us, right at this moment. He is our individual averages. Our mathematical “normals.”

Stay at school, kids.

Norm is nice enough. He means well. He does have his vices though. He tends to make promises, only to pretend he never mentioned them a little later if it no longer suits him. He’s a bit flaky like that. Sometimes it seems like he loves setting goals more than achieving them.

There’s nothing wrong with Norm. But we all have this thought that Norm, given he could be bothered, could really do something amazing with his life. When he was younger, he was in pretty good shape. Things kind of slipped since then. Norm has a love / hate relationship with exercise and food. He is however, an impressionable young man. It’s time to be a bad influence on Norm.

Have you got a lighter?

The thing that’s important to remember is that the effects of a simple exercise session, (what we here like to call a “patrol”), reach much further than some obscure accountability challenge. Not only is every patrol you complete beneficial for your health, every choice you make subconsciously influences your future choices as well. Every patrol has an ever so slight effect on Norm. Whilst resistant to change, he’s is susceptible to improvement, under the right conditions.

Every time you tell yourself you can’t be bothered, or don’t have time to exercise, you’re Norm is adjusting. He starts to slip into bad habits again.

The opposite is also true. Every time you feel that uncomfortable feeling, but you decide to do it anyway, the tables start to turn the other way. Norm starts to get inspired.

Norm passes GO! Collect $200.

The moral of the story is this: Making good choices helps form better habits. A simple 30 minute walk is much more powerful than the strict and limited concept of just 30 minutes of movement. It affects Norm and the reality of all future 30 minute walks as well, with an exponential effect.

One day, it might even catch the eye of a 10 minute jog. Fancy that.

Norm has already started stretching.