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Guilty Pleasures

They say that you shouldn’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your Mum to see. Turns out, that’s a pretty good guideline to live by. But what if you also had to tell your Mum about every single thing that you put in your shopping basket?

Now what if it wasn’t just your Mum, but all of Facebook? An even better question: Should it matter?

If left unattended, we can all coast through life without checking in on ourselves. And sometimes the most beneficial insights can be derived from simply observing our actions, (or lack of). “Oh, turns out I haven’t exercised yet today. Come to think of it, I haven’t purposefully exercised at all this week / month / year / insert crazy time frame here!” But truth be told, out of 24 hours in every day, there’s nearly every possibility that we could make time for just 30 minutes of exercise. It’s our health we’re talking about – are we really that busy?

If I had to categorise it, Pooch Patrol is in the business of awareness, not results. Results aren’t guaranteed, there are just too many factors outside of our control. I’m not here to tell you what exercise to do, what foods to eat, or what results you should expect. But I do have a theory that we can change our actions by simply making ourselves stop and think: “Am I willing to admit that by constantly putting this food in my body, and doing this amount of exercise, I should still expect these results?”

So let’s entertain that original thought. What if every time you went shopping, you were obliged to share a photo of your shopping basket on Facebook to all your friends and family. Yeah, even those work colleagues you agreed to go on that health kick with. And what if when you got fast food, you had to announce it in ALL CAPS. Once you entertain the thought of this new world, it makes it pretty hard to stop entering your mind when you go about your regular day.

When you go to put that humungous tub of ice cream in your basket, imagine your mum shaking her head in disapproval.

When you pike out of training for some lame excuse, your gym buddy is telling the person on the treadmill next to them.

When you go through the drive-thru, the person taking your order asks you: “Are you sure about this?”

Five times.

Maybe having to admit your actions would affect your decisions, maybe it wouldn’t. Eating bad food, or not exercising, is much like checking your phone every 2 minutes. Something that most of us fall victim to! We know it doesn’t actually do us any benefit; anything that has changed in the last 2 minutes can probably wait. To be frank, it’s pointless and a guilty pleasure. And to some people, this is a concern. Others couldn’t care less. Each to their own.

One of the new benefits of the Pooch Patrol App is that once a week it sends you a little Weekly Fitness Check-In, simply asking: “How did your exercise goals go this week?” It doesn’t tell you what to do, how to do it, or even when to do it. It just reminds you of the thoughts and goals you’ve already set for yourself, and magically creates a brief moment in your busy life for a window of reflection. It makes scrolling through your phone go from a guilty pleasure, into a possible call to action.

Our health is serious. Heart risk is serious. Just ask the Heart Foundation. If we don’t take our efforts seriously, we can’t expect our results to be serious. We already know that when it comes to the Pooch, it can all be boiled down to how much we’re exercising, and what we’re eating. The proof is quite literally in the pudding.

Question is, how often do you put the pudding in your shopping basket?