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Are You Doing Enough?

I think it’d be safe to say that everyone encounters the moment when you discover: “What I’m doing is not enough.” That you are responsible for your own actions, and your own results. That if you were doing everything right, you would be in the best shape of your life.

That your Pooch is still there, still saying “Oh hey there! Wanna eat junk food and watch Netflix?”

I did. It’s what inspired the creation of the Fitness Challenge. I work a physical job. I should be in great shape. I’m getting there with slow, sustainable progress. But I’m not there yet. I certainly wasn’t when this whole thing started.

The thought of whether I’m doing enough occurs often. But it’s not there to put me down. It’s there to keep me in check. Instead of it saying, “Why are you still not in shape,” it says, “Are you doing enough to make progress?” My job, as I was surprised to have this sudden realisation, wasn’t enough. I needed to do more.

Chris Judd, the Premiership Captain and 2 times Brownlow Medalist, made a point of going running on Christmas day. He trained hard, and played harder. But so did every other player in the league. He knew that if he wanted to be better, he’d have the do more. Simply doing what everyone else was doing wasn’t going to be enough. And he knew almost no-one else would be running on Christmas morning. By going the extra mile, doing the one extra training session, he would have a slight advantage over everyone else.

Now, I’m no Chris Judd. I’m just your Average Joe trying to do his best. But I really liked his message. That’s why I don’t count my work shifts as Patrols, no matter how active I am during working hours. Because my work is obviously not enough. If I want to see change, I need to do more. So I do. I complete my Patrols between shifts, or when I get home.

If your Pooch has been getting a little comfortable lately, ask yourself, “Are you doing enough?” The correct answer isn’t, “No, I’m not.”

The correct answer is: “Yesterday I didn’t. But today I will.”