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What If Your Word Was A Contract

We’re often told that if you want something to be held true, you need it in writing. That a handshake alone won’t do, and your word most definitely not. I think this unfortunate point of view has had a lasting impression on us. I seek to challenge it. After all, it’s how Pooch Patrol started in the first place.

When I got back from a holiday in Japan with my girlfriend, I remember feeling I needed to do something about my fitness. My exercise and eating habits leading up to the holiday were bad enough, but being a non-seafood, fussy eater travelling in an eastern country, it made things worse. Compound these factors with the fact that when you travel it can be inconvenient to access fresh fruit and vegetables, and that the cold often makes exercising a non-option.

So I set a challenge for myself when I got back. I’d simply exercise every day, and see where it got me. Didn’t join a gym, didn’t tell anyone, just set the terms to myself and went all out. Some days I ran. Some days I swam. Some days I rode. But no matter what, I did something. I mostly completed the same circuit, and it occurred to me that it resembled a Patrol, something that just had to be done, whether I felt like it or not. If I got sick, or I genuinely thought I didn’t have time one particular time, I did two on another. No questions.

As the weeks passed the term “Pooch Patrol” got bantered about by my housemate and girlfriend as I headed off each night. My ultimate goal was to banish my body of the Pooch (that annoying gut!) once and for all. They say the Pooch is the last part of the body that loses weight, so it seemed fit to target that. I figured, if I can get rid of the Pooch, the rest of my body should have followed suit.

And then something crazy started to happen. I started looking forward to my nightly Patrol. I felt disappointed if I couldn’t exercise for a particular day. I heard a few compliments from friends. Things were working. My housemates starting joining me. 3 months, and 90 Patrols later, I wasn’t a bodybuilder, but I was starting to feel great. Better yet, I came to the realisation that I had previously doubted – I was truthful to my wordAnd that made me happy. It’s a concept I value highly.

It was from this point that I decided not only would I continue my challenge, I wanted to help others stick to their word tooAnd thus Pooch Patrol was born.

I’m not a trained personal trainer. I’m not an expert in nutrition. But I have this hunch that if you exercise regularly and eat well, good things are sure to happen. To do this we need to make habits. The best way to set a habit?

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Surround yourself with supportive people.
  3. Create an incentive.

It’s that simple. I created the Pooch Patrol Fitness Accountability Challenge to make it as easy as possible for anybody to join me in making healthy living a habit. My goal is to find the most bad-ass and funnerest Fitness Wolfpack the world has ever seen. I want to give everyone the motivation, accountability and support to destroy the Pooch once and for all, and I won’t stop until we’ve achieved it.

You have my word.


4 thoughts on “What If Your Word Was A Contract

    1. Hi Janee, thanks for getting in touch!

      Season 4 is looking to start on April 18, and end 10 weeks later on June 26. There’s some more info to tell you all about it (incase you haven’t read it) over here:

      But feel free to shoot me an email if you have any other questions! You can do that by replying here or email me at hello(at) 🙂

        1. Another great question that I should have answered 🙂
          Registration will open for the week leading up to the start (i.e. April 11-17)
          We’ll be sharing the news on the Facebook page (which I notice you Liked – thanks!!) as well as the Mailing List ( around that time also to remind everyone.

          Unfortunately due to the way Facebook operates, not all fans of the FB page are notified of all new posts, so it might be a good idea to signup to the Mailing List also just to be safe 🙂 Thanks again for your interest!

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